Being the UK’s only commercial weaver of Indigo Selvedge denim, made in the UK has and always will be our main focus


When we first started out on the road to making denim locally, we did so because we wanted to be sure that our denim was not going to impact the environment. The pursuit of ecologically and ethically sound denim was and still is paramount. So, as a standard, we always source our yarns as close to home as possible and only from suppliers that share our values. Our cotton weft yarns are made with EU-grown Cotton, and our Hemp, Linen and Post Consumer Textile fibre, and yarns are also sourced from the EU.  Regarding Indigo, we only use DyStar Pre-Reduced, which is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version 4 approved. Our non-indigo denim is also made from EU-grown Cotton and Hemp with GOTS-approved dyes


Since we began, we’ve been champions of the idea of keeping our manufacturing here in the UK. While that is still our main focus, we also know that to meet our customers’ needs, we must look at other sources to meet them. For this reason, we also weave with an Italian partner who shares our vision of a sustainable future